About the February 2016 Art & Musical Show

5 Artists 1 Love is an annual Black History Month event that provides Edmonton residents the opportunity to celebrate the cultural mosaic within the black Community. It explores the rich history of the African diaspora through art, music, dance, and poetry.

The Concert

This exclusive one-night engagement explores the evolution of Black Music as it left Africa and landed on the shores of North America. From African Drums to Mississippi Delta Blues, Jazz, Soul, Gospel, R & B, to contemporary sounds,it’s all here .This along with a few surprises and you will be treated to a truly immersive musical journey.

The Art Showcase

Several of Edmonton’s talented Black artists who have been featured in previous shows over the last 10 years have returned for a retrospective. They will showcase their works at the prestigious Alberta Gallery of Art ( AGA ) and for the first time, in other selected in Galleries across the city during the month of February. Each artist is chosen based on the quality and uniqueness of their pieces as well as their personal stories.

The Wall

This part of the exhibit is dedicated to a unified theme. Here local artists from the general community at large submit a uniformed 12 x 12? piece on gallery ready canvas that represents images and themes conjured up by the chosen topic. Themes in past have included, “Obama’s election to the Democratic Party”, “Music”, “The Civil Rights Movement” and most recently the term, “Got Soul”. This inclusive part of the exhibit has garnered outstanding feedback and growing interest yearly. This years theme is: “IMMIGRANT”