About the February 2017 Art & Musical Production

5 Artists 1 Love is our 11th annual Black History Month event that provides Edmonton residents the opportunity to celebrate the cultural mosaic within the Black Community. It explores the rich history of the African diaspora through art, music, dance, and poetry.

Would you like to be a participant in the show and have your work hung in the show at the AGA? 


The Concert

This exclusive one-night engagement explores the evolution of Black Music as it left Africa and landed on the shores of North America. From soul to R&B, jazz, gospel, reggae and contemporary sounds, it’s all here. Even other genres such as country, folk and classical music have received unique soulful interpretations in the show. This along with a few surprises and you will be treated to a truly immersive musical journey.

The Art Showcase

Several of Edmonton’s talented Black artists who have been featured in previous shows over the last 11 years have returned for a retrospective year. Each artist is chosen based on the quality and uniqueness of their pieces as well as their personal stories.

The Wall


Statement or question ? You be the judge.

This is the anticipated subject for “The Wall” in next year’s 5 Artists 1 Love Black History Month Art Show! What is The Wall? This part of the 5 Artists 1 Love exhibit is dedicated to a unified theme. Here anyone from the general public at large can submit a piece on a 12 x 12 inch (2 inch width canvas) on gallery ready canvas that represents images and themes conjured up by the chosen topic. Themes in past have included, “Obama’s election to the Democratic Party,” “There goes the Neighbourhood,” “The Civil Rights Movement,” the term, “Got Soul and last year’s ,” IMMIGRANT. ” This inclusive part of the exhibit has garnered outstanding feedback and growing interest yearly. This year all submissions will be hung with the rest of the show at the AGA. ( ART GALLERY OF ALBERTA ) January 28/17. Paintings , Photography, Print… Whatever you can get onto a canvas of the specified dimensions we’ll hang.

“Black Lives Matter…!?” These three simple words have become increasingly complex in today’s public psyche. It’s become a rallying cry, a divisive term, a call for change an anti Police stance and much more. In reaction to these words we see push back in the emergence of phrases like, “All Lives Matter”, ‘Blue Lives Matter”, ” Whites Lives Matter”, and even “Black Olives Matter”. ( Yes, that happened. ) Clearly a chord is being struck here on many levels. In your submission to The Wall ,share your thoughts and feelings on these words. Beyond the political implications ,the movement itself and in light of the events that birthed the phrase, what does it mean to you?

Feel free to email us with your intention to submit at