About this year’s 2014 Show

Event Dates & Times

Opening: Saturday Feb 1, 2014
Art Show Gala Reception 4pm – 7pm
United Colours of Soul (musical and spoken word performance) 8pm – 11pm

The Show

This is the eighth year of this show celebrating Black History Month and the diversity within our local Black Community through Art. Five local visual Artists are selected from a list of submissions to participate. Each artist is chosen based on the quality and uniqueness of their work as well as their own individual history. As result the exhibit becomes a visually compelling example of our own cultural mosaic here in Edmonton.
Traditionally the exhibit opens the first Saturday of February. There is a reception where people can see the Art and meet the Artists. Live music, food, drink and poetry are all a part of the event and a prelude of what’s to come. It lasts approximately three hours and is always well attended. The Art is displayed through the month of February.

The Wall

The Wall… “There Goes the Neighborhood”
This is a part of the show dedicated to a unified theme.
Here Artists from outside the 5 feature visual artists submit a piece that
represents thoughts and images conjured up by the chosen topic.
This year’s theme is “There Goes the Neighborhood”. What happens when another ethnicity moves in next door? When diversity comes knocking at your door, how do you answer? Send us your work at misterdjordan@yahoo.com. Submission deadline is Jan15/14.

United Colours of Soul music & spoken word performances

This is a unique event that plays homage to the influences of “Black Music” and Musicians on popular culture around the world. Some of Edmonton’s finest Poets, Dancers, and Musicians will transport you through a fully immersive cultural “Mashup”. The event is like no other in Edmonton and promises to be an evening of infectious Music and entertainment in the Citadel’s Maclab Theatre.

Goals & Vision

  • Showcase local Black Visual Artists.

    Participants hail from Africa, the Caribbean, America and Canada.  Some can trace their ancestry back generations here in Alberta.

  • Highlight cultural diversity

    Highlight the cultural diversity within the Black Community and the community at large in a manner that’s both vibrant and completely accessible.

  • Entertain

    Create a highly entertaining, valued and sustainable event.

  • Patron the Citadel

    Bring a new demographic into the Citadel, furthering the new vision of its place as a Center for the Arts). Tie in the theme of “The Wall” of art to the “Clybourne Park” play which will be running at the time.

  • Bring people together

    Bring people of different Cultural backgrounds together under the roof of the Citadel to engage each other in meaningful dialogue and celebrate our differences.

  • Establish and nurture relationships

    To provide participants with inspiration and opportunity to establish and nurture relationships with the Alberta Arts Community.

The Artists

All Artists in the show have been chosen based on their body of work and to reflect the cultural mosaic within the Black community. Participants hail from Africa, the Caribbean, America and Canada. Some can trace their ancestry back generations here in Alberta.